Sunday, July 11, 2021

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Pre-Show Video: See it at JoeDarthmaz on YouTube

Walt Disney World is unique in that uber fans embrace all elements of the experience that make being in the parks so special. Some call it the "Disney Bubble," an otherworldly feeling of leaving the mundane and worry-filled world behind and entering a place where life is a little simpler, a little happier, a little more...magical.

In that spirit, Joe Darthmaz brings you a first on the channel, a pre-show, specifically the pre-show for the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor attraction. The attraction itself, while sometimes the subject of debate in terms of its merit and worth, is a truly unique theme park experience. Borrowing on the technology and interactive nature of the Turtle Talk with Crush attraction, it expands the Monsters Inc. universe by introducing new characters, years before the second film Monsters University did the same on film. It is cute, fun, and a nice complement to the Monsters films. 

Photography is normally prohibited in the attraction, so here we bring you the pre-show to whet your appetite for the real deal and bring you closer to the magic, if it will be some time until your next (or first) visit to the Vacation Kingdom.

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