Friday, February 3, 2012

Star Wars Trivia: Round III

We are now less than one week away from the latest Star Wars theatrical release, as Episode I: The Phantom Menace prepares to hit theaters in 3-D on February 10th. Until then, whet your appetite with Part 3 of Star Wars trivia...

1.    Who’s idea was it to use the garbage chute to escape the stormtroopers in the detention block?

2.    Who is the last of the Rebels to escape the detention cell tunnel by diving into the garbage chute?

3.   Darth Vader tells Grand Moff Tarkin that he suspects that Obi Wan Kenobi is on the Death Star because he senses what?

4.    How does Obi Wan Kenobi aid in the Rebels’ escape from the Death Star?

5.    How many TIE Fighters pursue the Millennium Falcon during their escape from the Death Star?

6.    What does Han Solo say in response to Luke when he excitedly exclaims “Got him! I got him!” after he destroys one of the pursuing TIE Fighters following the Rebels’ escape from the Death Star?


7.    Who gives the tactical briefing on Yavin prior to the Death Star attack at the end of Star Wars?

8.    How wide was the thermal exhaust port that the Rebels needed to penetrate to start the chain reaction that would destroy the Death Star?

 9.    Luke tells Wedge that hitting a target two meters wide would not be impossible because he had done something similar back home on Tatooine. What creatures did Luke “bullseye with his T-16 back home” in preparation for his big moment in the trench run?

10.  The exhaust port was ray-shielded, so what were the Rebel pilots required to use during their trench run? 

11.  Actor Dennis Lawson portrays Wedge Antilles in Episodes IV through VI. Lawson is the uncle of another Star Wars actor. Name that actor.

12.  What was Wedge’s call sign in the Death Star attack?

13.  What did Luke accuse Han of being “best at” after Han refuses to join the Rebel attack on the Death Star?

14.  According to the Imperial Commander that briefs Darth Vader on the Rebel assault, how many Rebel ships attack the Death Star?

15.  Who was the only Rebel X-Wing pilot besides Luke to survive the Death Star assault?


1.           Princess Leia

2.           Han Solo

3.           A tremor in the Force.

4.           He deactivated the tractor beam that captured the Millennium Falcon.

5.           Four

6.           “Great kid! Don’t get cocky.”
7.           General Jan Dodonna

8.           Two meters wide

9.           Womp rats

10.         Proton torpedoes

11.         Dennis Lawson is the uncle of Ewan McGregor, who portrayed young Obi Wan Kenobi in Episodes I through III.

12.         Red Two

13.         Taking care of himself

14.         Thirty

15.         Wedge Antilles

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