Friday, April 6, 2012

Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees Performs at 2012 NY Metro Fest for Beatlefans

On the weekend of March 23 - 25, 2012, the Crowne Plaza Meadowlands hotel was host to the 38th Annual Fest for Beatlefans, a celebration of the music and message of the greatest band there ever was, The Beatles. Each year, the Fest presents as featured guests, friends, collaborators, and family of the Fab Four. These guests share their stories and insights into the lives of the Beatles with the convention attendees. Those guests who may have played with the Beatles in their solo years or had their own measure of musical success, join Liverpool, one of the worlds finest Beatles sound-a-like bands, during the concerts that cap off each evening of the convention.

This year's Fest featured Mickey Dolenz, legendary Monkees band member, who shared his stories about his relationship with the Beatles, as well as some of the music that made him famous. He also remembered his good friend and Monkees bandmate Davy Jones, who passed away earlier this year. Below we share with you a few of Mickey's performances from the 2012 Fest for Beatlefans. For a restospective and memorial of the great Davy Jones, follow the link below to

Mickey Performs "I'm a Believer"

Mickey Performs "Pleasant Valley Sunday"

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