Saturday, September 14, 2013

darthmaz314 Disney Snapshot of the Day - Postcard Disney Magical Moment - Cinderella's Castle

Today's snapshot features a photo from darthmaz314's recent trip to Walk Disney World. As a novice photographer, even I realize that there are rare moments when all the elements come together just right for a special photo opportunity. Sometimes, you take a picture and you don't realize that those elements lined up just right until you look at the picture you just snapped. Other times, you realize that the stars are all aligned for that perfect shot and you know that you just have to capture it...right now! You start digging feverishly through the camera bag, hoping you can freeze that perfect moment in time through the magic of photography. Sometimes you succeed, other times you fail. In my opinion the photo below was one of those rare successes.

So, although we already featured this Disney icon in a Snapshot of the Day, it was hard to let this photo go unshared. So if you believe in (sounds corny, I know) Disney magic, you will appreciate the beauty of this photo.
A Magical Moment at Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World

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