Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pirates of the Caribbean Full Ride Through with Night Vision - WDW Video Featurette

In today's Walt Disney World Video Featurette, darthmaz314 brings you a full ride through video of one of the the most classic Disney Parks attractions, the Magic Kingdom's Pirates of the Caribbean. This timeless attraction has inspired four blockbuster films which made Disney treasure troves of box office gold, launched the careers of Kiera Knightley and orlando Bloom and catapulted Johnny Depp from the world of obscure but impressive roles into the stratosphere of the Hollywood A-list. The films then in turn inspired a re-tooling of the attraction itself, which infused the character of Jack Sparrow into the classic storyline in which the port of Tortuga is infiltrated by some of the sea's scurviest scoundrels. "Pirates" is one of the true gems of Disney's "dark rides," it doesn't matter if you became a fan of the attraction before the films or after, there is little doubt that it is timeless and an absolute Disney must see.

Watch the Pirates of the Caribbean Full POV Ride Through here on or by visiting our You Tube channel Joe Darthmaz by clicking the link below:

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