Thursday, March 27, 2014

Disney Snapshot of the Day - The Sleeping Monk from Spaceship Earth

Copying the Bible can tire a monk out. So every now and then, even an animatronic monk needs to take a nap. Today's snapshot is a glimpse of a scene from Spaceship Earth, an Epcot original that has entertained countless guests in it's thirty-two year run. In this scene of the attraction, which chronicles humankind's journey through the development of communication, a Gregorian monk hand-copies a Bible in the hopes of preserving the sacred text for generations to come. 

On Spaceship Earth, guests journey along with the human race as they progress from primitive cave drawings to the internet on a quest to reach new and better ways to communicate and share information with one another. This amazing dark ride is housed in the most unique ride building in the world, a geodesic sphere. 

I can still remember the first time I rode this attraction, whose cars passed only a few feet from these amazing audio animatronic figures, which seemed so lifelike that you could not help stare at them in amazement. Back then, in 1986, it was a much simpler time and audio animatronics were a wonder to behold. Fast forward twenty-eight years and although computer technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, Spaceship Earth is still a marvel of technology inside and out. Click the links below for more on Spaceship Earth.
This Monk Has Been Sleeping for Thirty-two Years
Spaceship Earth: A Technical Marvel Inside and Out Part I

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