Thursday, June 19, 2014

darthmaz314 Disney Snapshot of the Day - DiVine the Stiltwalking Embodiment of Mother Nature

Our Disney Snapshot of the Day today features one of the more unique and lesser-known characters of Walt Disney World...DiVine, the stiltwalking embodiment of Mother Nature herself. This character, covered from head to toe in foliage and flora can be seen camouflaged in areas of greenery around Animal Kingdom, silently waiting for a crowd to gather. Once a group of guests has collected around her, usually wondering if she is an animatronic or a lifeless statue, she will slowly come to life and emerge from the foliage to walk among the guests, towering above them on her wooded stilts. Be warned, though. DiVine is indeed a rare character at Animal Kingdom. I had been going to the park for over a decade before I had ever heard of or seen the mysterious DiVine.
DiVine the Stiltwalking Embodiment of Mother Nature
 at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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