Saturday, September 13, 2014

Confirmed: Frozen Attraction to Replace Maelstrom, Which Closes on October 5th

Yesterday darthmaz314 reported about continued speculation and rumor regarding the imminent closure of the Norway pavilion's Maelstrom ride to make way for a Frozen themed attraction at Epcot. Hours later, on the official Disney Parks Blog, Tom Staggs, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, confirmed that Maelstrom is closing and will be replaced by a Frozen attraction slated to open in 2016. Maelstrom's last day of operation will be October 5. 

Staggs hearkened back to the words of Walt Disney himself, who when speaking about Disneyland once commented that the park would never be truly finished as long as there was imagination left in the world. Walt's words prove prophetic once again as the imagination that inspired Frozen continues to infiltrate all aspects of the Disney brand.
Frozen's initial introduction to the parks came with Elsa and Anna character greetings and the guest response was voracious and insatiable. With Stand-by wait times at Walt Disney World during the peak summer days reaching four-plus hours, it was clear that more Frozen was desperately needed in the Disney Parks. Disney responded with the Frozen Summer Fun Live campaign at Hollywood Studios, which darthmaz314 will cover in upcoming posts. Guest response was again overwhelming, causing Disney to extend the "Frozen Fun" beyond "Summer" and through the month of September. 

In his blog post yesterday, Tom Staggs also announced the indefinite extension of certain elements of Frozen Summer Fun Live. Also announced was the introduction of Elsa, Anna, and the Frozen gang into the parade at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. In addition, starting in early November, guests of the Magic Kingdom will be able to witness the Queen of Arendelle "letting it go" to transform Cinderella castle into an icy palace each night.
Frozen Summer Fun Live Stage Disney's Hollywood Studios

Maelstrom was a great Epcot attraction for over a quarter century and will be sorely missed. Like other Disney attractions that have been retired, after October 5th, it will have to live on in our memories and in any photos or video that we may have taken while it was in operation. Time to dust off those photo albums and videotapes!
Click the link below to read the full Disney Parks Blog post.    

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