Sunday, January 11, 2015

darthmaz314 Disney Snapshot of the Day: The Words of Walt Disney

Walt Disney passed on nearly fifty years ago and yet his notoriety spans innumerable generations and has permeated even the farthest reaches of the globe. Authors have filled volumes expounding on the reasons for this for over half a century. Yet, sometimes a simple quote can communicate more than countless volumes. 

Below is a short, yet insightful quote from a hardworking American man of modest means, who built a kingdom, not just for himself, but for all, to play in. Walt's creativity, ingenuity, and unique vision are all legendary. But without the dogged work ethic exemplified in the comment below, the fantastical and creative worlds built of his imagination would have remained nothing more than pipe dreams. Mickey Mouse would have merely been a street rat scurrying through those pipes, instead of a global symbol of creativity, imagination, and entertainment excellence.
An Insightful Quote from Walter Elias Disney

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