Thursday, February 26, 2015

Test Track Full POV Video - darthmaz314 Walt Disney World Video Featurette

darthmaz314's Walt Disney World Video Featurette today brings you a full POV ride through of Epcot's powerhouse thrill ride, Test Track. This attraction, inserted into the original World of Motion building, was Epcot's first attempt at a thrill ride. The original concept sought to recreate the experience of a car manufacturer's proving ground and basically relegated riders to crash test dummies as their vehicle negotiated a series of speed, precision, and endurance tests that ran the gamut from navigating over various road surfaces to anti-lock brake spinout prevention trials. Yet none of the elements of the attraction either in its original or current incarnation can rival the acceleration test which blasts you out of the ride building and onto a banked track which circles it. As your test vehicle accelerates to over 65 mph and literally screams through the straightaway and into the final banked turn, you will swear you are about to break the sound barrier as your hair bursts into flames. A must do at Disney World and definitely not to be missed at Epcot, darthmaz314 invites you to enjoy...Test Track.  

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