Wednesday, August 3, 2016

darthmaz314 Disney Snapshot of the Day - Giant Etch A Sketch from Toy Story Mania Queue

darthmaz314 is not dead, just in desperate need of time to create content for the site. After another long hiatus, we're back with a new Disney Snapshot of the Day. Today's snapshot highlights an overgrown favorite of darthmaz314's generation, the Etch A Sketch, a classic toy featured in the Toy Story films and seen below as part of the Toy Story Mania! queue. The Etch A Sketch toy debuted in 1960 and is still sold today, almost 60 years later! Affectionately referred to as "Etch" by Woody in the Toy Story films, the classic toy was featured in a playful duel with the cowboy in the first film and used to identify the evil toy store owner Al in the second film. Do you have an Etch A Sketch?

Etch A Sketch from Toy Story Mania! Queue
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