Wednesday, June 20, 2018

darthmaz314 Disney Snapshot of the Day - Mission Space Entrance

darthmaz314 returns after a long hiatus with a new Disney Snapshot of the Day. It is hard to believe that we are approaching the fifteenth anniversary (August 15, 2003)of the Mission Space attraction opening at Epcot. Due to its tendency to cause motion sickness, this attraction never quite achieved the popularity of Test Track, the park's first thrill attraction. Mission Space simulates a space launch from Earth and a journey to the planet Mars as part of the guest ride experience.

The attraction utilizes technology developed with NASA, during which huge centrifuges spin the capsule that the guests sit in, simulating G-forces astronauts would experience during actual space flight launches. The problem was that this was causing motion sickness and frequent losses of theme park lunches...and dinners...and breakfasts. The tendency for the ride to induce vomiting was made very clear by the presence of barf bags provided at each rider's astronaut control panel.

Eventually, a "Green Mission" which was much less intense was added as an option for those seeking lesser thrills (and those not wanting to revisit a meal traveling in the wrong direction through their gastrointestinal tract. Whichever mission you chose, Mission Space is still a great attraction and you should make it a part of your day at Epcot. Have an interesting Mission Space story? Leave a comment and share it with us.
Mission Space Entrance at Epcot
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