Sunday, March 27, 2022

Dianoga (Death Star Trash Compactor Creature) Interactive Water Fountain at Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios

One of the best things about Walt Disney World is the attention to detail, the little extra touches that make something special and memorable. While it seems that in recent years, some of that attention to detail has been stripped away in favor of cost cutting, some of it still exists in the Disney Parks.

One such example is the Dianoga interactive water fountain from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. "What in the name of the Force is a dianoga?" you ask. The dianoga was that one-eyed serpentine creature that ensnared Luke Skywalker in the Death Star trash compactor in Star Wars and dragged him under the water nearly drowning him. Just as we and his newfound companions Han, Leia, and Chewie had all given up hope on the young moisture farm boy, he emerges from the floating trash, released from the dianoga's clutches, as it fled, hoping to escape the crushing walls of the compactor chamber.

Well, Disney World's second one-eyed friend (think short green monster for the first,) or another of his species, has taken up permanent residence at Black Spire Outpost in a water tank used to refresh the weary travelers visiting the planet Battuu. Place your refillable mug under the touchless water station and momentarily fresh, cool water will fill your mug. However, you may not want to drink it after you realize, who resides in the adjacent tank from which you mug is being filled.


It is of course, all a gag, but it is an example of the small attention to detail touches that are the hallmark of Disney Parks and have made them a step above themed entertainment anywhere in the world for over half a century.


So, join Joe Darthmaz in a short visit with the Dianoga and Disney, please give us more of these types of nuances everywhere and anywhere possible. 

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