Monday, August 8, 2022

Top 7 Must Sees at WDW with Stacey from Resort TV - 2008 - Retro Walt D...

Joe Darthmaz takes you back to spend some time with Stacey, the former Walt Disney World Resort TV host as she guides through the "Top 7 Must Sees" at Walt Disney World. 

Stacey Aswad premiered on WDW Resort TV in 2005 in the "Must See" series, which was basically a thirty minute in-room commercial for Walt Disney World. She kept us company for over fifteen years, as the "Must Sees" became the much longer tenured and much more well-known "Must Dos" of Walt Disney World. 

Sadly, in 2021, Disney removed "Must Do Disney" from Resort TV and we were all forced to say goodbye to it and to Stacey. But you can still see her here at Joe Darthmaz.

Being the lunatic that I am, in 2008, I set up a camera on the bed and recorded nearly the entire "Must See" loop. Small edits were made to remove me passing in front of the TV. Also, please forgive the talking that can be heard in the background in one small section. I made an attempt to edit it the sound, but it's fourteen-year-old non-HD video.

So let's take a walk down memory lane on another Retro Walt Disney World video here on Joe Darthmaz as we count down (most of) the "Top 7 Must Sees at Walt Disney World."

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