Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Dinosaur Pre-Show from Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World

Often times, the pre-show of a Disney attraction is as memorable or more than the attraction that follows it. Dinosaur is an example of how endearing a pre-show can be and how it can evoke nostalgia, sometimes to a greater degree than the attraction itself.

The Dinosaur pre-show is one of Disney Parks' best. It does a fantastic job of immersing you in the world of the attraction premise. Phylicia Rashad and Wallace Langham are featured in this pre-show, which for Disney World fans is full of quotable lines.

With the recent announcement that DinoLand at Animal Kingdom may be replaced in the coming years with Zootopia and Moana themed areas, it is more important than ever to preserve this pre-show for past, present, and future fans of Dinosaur to enjoy!

So, take a trip with Joe Darthmaz to Dinoland at Animal Kingdom and help Dr. Grant Seeker bring back one Iguanodon, extra-large. What could go wrong?

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