Saturday, January 21, 2023

Casey's Corner Pianist - Ragtime on "Roids!"

For generations, one of the nuances that separated Disney Parks from your run of the mill theme parks were entertainment experiences that you would just wander into as you plowed through your park day. Although the cost cutting and monetization of every minute of your day has eliminated many of these experiences, there are some that still remain.

One of these unique and smile-inducing experiences is the Casey's Corner Pianist, located on the side of the famous Magic Kingdom quick service hot dog location. This talented and engaging musician plays "ragtime tunes from a bygone era," for the enjoyment of the Casey's Corner patrons dining in the outdoor seating area, as well as any passers by making their way through the park.


Joe Darthmaz was lucky enough to be passing by when one of these talented musicians was making magic with his fingers, playing a tune at an ever-increasing pace, which couldn't help bring a smile to my face.

So, enjoy a taste here at Joe Darthmaz and next time you're in the Magic Kingdom, take a second to appreciate the remaining "streetmosphere" entertainment like this that still remains, before it, like so many others of its kind, are budget cut away forever!

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