Thursday, April 4, 2013

Odd Couple Trivia - Part I

This post pays homage to what I consider the greatest sit-com of all time, The Odd Couple. This initial installment of Odd Couple trivia is what I hope will be the first of many more Odd Couple-related posts to come. The problem is that I hope that about a lot of different topics, but just never seem to find/make the time to compose new posts. If I ever become independently wealthy, that will all change! But for now, enjoy our first round of Odd Couple trivia. Scroll down to the bottom for answers, but if you decide to cheat, remember the words of Felix, "Let it be on your head..."

The Odd Couple - darthmaz314
That Request Came From His Wife

1. “On November 13th, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence. That request came from his wife.” What is the significance of the date November 13th?

2. What is Felix and Oscar’s address?

3. During which season does Myrna make her debut on the Odd Couple?

4. Name the song that Felix writes for 70’s singer Jaye P. Morgan?

The Odd Couple - darthmaz314
Jaye P. Morgan - One of Many 70's Guest Stars on The Odd Couple

5. What song did Felix pen during World War II that won him “The Silver Canteen?”

6. What song beat out Felix’s to win “The Gold Canteen?”

7.  Name the two child actors who played the role of Leonard Unger and later went on to further fame as teen heartthrobs.

8. What was the name of Leonard’s jumping contest frog, from the Season Five episode, “The Frog?”

The Odd Couple - darthmaz314
Leonard & His "Uncle Oscar" in The Odd Couple

9. What was Murray’s wife’s name?

10.  What song does Felix attempt to play on the saxophone as a token of thanks to Oscar after he saves his life?

11.  What animal do Felix and Oscar dress up as when they appear on the game show “Let’s Make a Deal” with Monty Hall?
The Odd Couple - darthmaz314
Oscar & Felix Make A Deal with Monty Hall

12. When a WZAZ radio DJ calls Oscar to compete in an opera trivia contest, Felix gives him all the answers that help him win a car. Who was the WZAZ disc jockey?

13. Who played oil tycoon Billy Joe Grissom in the episode “Strike up the Band…Or Else?”

14. What cards was Billy Jo Grissom holding when he beat Oscar at poker for $500 in “Strike up the Band…Or Else?”

15. When Felix repaints the apartment in "Take My Furniture, Please!" what does he ask Murray to search for before Oscar comes home?

The Odd Couple - darthmaz314
What was Murray Looking For?


1. November 13th is the birthday of executive producer and show creator, Garry Marshall.

The Odd Couple - darthmaz314
The Odd Couple - A Timeless Sitcom

 2. Felix and Oscar lived at 1049 Park Avenue.

3. The character of Myrna makes her first appearance in Season Two.

The Odd Couple - darthmaz314
Myrna Turner

4. "Happy and Peppy and Bursting with Love!"

5. “To A Sour Kraut”

The Odd Couple - darthmaz314
Felix Tries to Impress Jaye P.Morgan

6. “In Der Fuehrer’s Face”

7. Willie Aames and Leif Garrett

8. Maximillian, One in a Million Max

The Odd Couple - darthmaz314
Felix & Oscar Make Frog Malted?

9.  Mimi

10. “Home on the Range”

The Odd Couple - darthmaz314
Felix Plays the Sax for Oscar as Thanks for Saving His Life

11. A horse

12. Dick Clark

13. Pernell Roberts

The Odd Couple - darthmaz314
"Four Aces? That's All There Are!"

14. Two pair (of aces)

15. Hairs (paintbrush hairs)

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