Wednesday, March 25, 2015

darthmaz314's Disney Snapshot of the Day - Hidden Disney Edition - Pirates of the Caribbean Eternal Stalemate Chess Match Scene

darthmaz314's Disney Snapshot of the Day brings you another Hidden Disney addition today. One of Walt Disney World's most popular and treasured attractions is Pirates of the Caribbean. This classic Disney dark ride has entertained guests for decades at the Disney parks and has spawned a film franchise that has grossed well over a billion dollars, with a fifth film currently in production. Yet as with many iconic items from the Disney canon, there are lesser know details hidden away that make it even more classic. 

In today's Hidden Disney Snapshot of the Day we see the "eternal stalemate chess match" scene from the Pirates attraction. The story goes that the two pirates are at a stalemate in the game, which having dragged on so long results in both of them passing away in their seats. It is said that the chess pieces are actually arranged such that it actually represents a true point in the game where no one can make another move to win. 

Don't remember seeing this scenes during the boat ride through Pirates? That is because it is not in the dark ride portion of the attraction itself. This scene actually appears along the attraction queue and is only visible if you look through those barred window-like openings in the wall that you pass as you wait in line. In fact, you would actually have to look through the opening and down, as this scene is actually many feet below the winding corridors of the attraction queue above.

A few other not so hidden (and downright disappointing) things you can pick out in this photo are the janitorial supplies behind the metal bars in the upper left and the piece of trash that someone must have thrown down there while passing through the queue. Looks to me like someone needs to unlock that broom and dustpan and clean up around those pirates.    

Want more Pirates? Click on the links below for a full POV ride-through of the attraction (using night vision since it so "bloody dark,") and another Snapshot of the Day featuring a Pirates scene.

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