Saturday, August 15, 2015

George Lucas Reveals that a Classic Disney Character Inspired Jar Jar Binks at D23 Expo Disney Legends Ceremony
Disney Meets the Force - courtesy the Walt Disney Co.
Day one of the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California wrapped up last night with no announcements regarding Disney Parks, but there were many highlights including the 2015 Disney Legends induction ceremony. The Disney Legends Award is basically the highest honor that the Disney Company can bestow upon those who have worked with and/or been associated with their brand. It usually is bestowed upon those truly special artists and/or employees that have made their mark under or alongside the Disney brand for a significant period of time.

Among this year's list of honorees were composer Danny Elfman, soap opera queen Susan Lucci, movie icon Johnny Depp, and Star Wars creator and film legend, George Lucas. Lucas, of course sold his money printing machine Lucasfilm to the Disney Company three years ago in 2012 for over $4 billion. Lucas, who was historically known for being shy and reserved, seems to never be at a loss for words in his later years. In his heartfelt Disney Legends acceptance speech, Lucas made two comments that were of note to darthmaz314, one of which seems to be garnering a decent amount of press, the other all but confirms that big Star Wars news is on the horizon for Disney Parks this weekend.

Firstly, Lucas revealed that the much maligned (and even hated by many) prequel character Jar Jar Binks, was in fact inspired by  the classic Disney character Goofy. Upon reflection, you can see the parallels between the two characters both physically and in their interaction with others. darthmaz314 has stated previously that although Jar
Meesa and Goofy is Related?
Jar was a creative gamble in many respects, the main issue with him was that the character "just didn't work." He crossed the line from being comically irritating to downright unlikable for many Star Wars fans. Lucas' comment about Goofy inspiring the Jar Jar character, coming now that Star Wars fever is again raging through the world and many have doused their incendiary loathing of Binks, is more trivia worthy and comical and will probably not amount to much, except a new wave of Disney hate crimes being perpetrated on Goofy characters in the parks, as frustrated Star Wars fans seek to vent their vitriol on the tall and lanky member of Disney's Fab Five (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.)

Lucas's other comment focused on the fact that after years of prodding and persuading to have more Star Wars presence in the Disney Parks, he was only able to get that done by agreeing to sell his company Lucasfilm to Bob Iger. If that is not unofficial confirmation of Star Wars Land, I don't know what is.

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