Thursday, November 19, 2015

darthmaz314 Comedy Disney Snapshot of the Day

Today we launch another twist on the darthmaz314 Snapshot of the Day today, the Comedy Snapshot of the Day. This first melds the worlds of Star Wars and the Godfather. Those familiar with Francis Ford Coppola's classic trilogy will most certainly get it. If you are not familiar with either Star Wars and/or the Godfather darthmaz314 recommends the following: 

1. Stop what you are doing right now. 
2. Obtain these movies somehow (buy, rent, download, steal if your conscience permits).
3. Start watching these movies.
4. Don't stop watching until you are finished.
5. Repeat.
Star Wars/Godfather Meme
- photo courtesy

Today we are also posting TWO Snapshots of the Day. Hard to believe, but true. Considering the gaps that often occur between posts, we figured why hold one back if it was ready? We hope you agree. 

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