Friday, January 15, 2016

BB-8 Gives a Thumbs-Up - darthmaz314 Force Awakens Snapshot of the Day

darthmaz314's next Force Awakens Snapshot of the Day features one of the many funny moments of the newest Star Wars film. Early on in the The Force Awakens, Finn convinces Rey that he is a member of the Resistance during their daring escape from Jakku and the relentless First Order aboard the Millenium Falcon.  Once off the planet, Rey questions Finn about the location of the Resistance base, which she will need as the pilot, if she is to help return BB-8 to his master. A very humorous scene ensues as Finn must convince BB-8, who does not know or trust him, to divulge the location of the Resistance base. After winning him over and providing Rey with the name of the star system, Finn celebrates his continued friendly deception of Rey and his newly-forged friendship with BB-8 by flashing him a thumbs- up and a huge cheesy grin. This beautifully well-acted scene of excellent comedic timing is then capped off with BB-8 delivering a thumbs-up of his own, as pictured below.
BB-8 Gives a "Thumbs-Up" from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
- courtesy Lucasfilm/Disney

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