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Godfather Trivia - Round I

darthmaz314 brings you our first round of Godfather trivia. This first round focuses solely on the first legendary film. Buona fortuna!

1. Who is the first character to appear on screen in The Godfather?

A. Don Vito Corleone

B. Buonasera the Undertaker

C. Tom Hagan

D. Sonny Corleone

2. What real life crooner is the character of Johnny Fontaine based on?

A. Tony Bennett

B. Al Martino

C. Frank Sinatra

D. Dean Martin
Johnny Fontaine Sings at Connie Corleone's Wedding

3. Who wrote The Godfather novel and later the adapted screenplay for the film?

A. Mario Puzo

B. William Goldman

C. Ken Kesey

D. Nino Rota


4. This author also wrote the screenplay for another blockbuster film of the late 1970’s. Name that film.
A.  Rocky
B.  Superman
C.  Grease
D.  Saturday Night Fever

5. What is the first line of dialog spoken in The Godfather?
A.  "Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your home on the day of your daughter's wedding."
B.   "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."
C.  "If you'd come to me in friendship, then this scum that ruined your daughter would be suffering this very day."

D.  "I believe in America."
"...and then they would fear you." - Don Corleone to Buonasera the Undertaker

6. What was the name of studio mogul Woltz's prized horse, whose head wound up in his bed after his refusal to give Johnny Fontaine the part in his "new war picture?"
A.  Wilbur
B.  Khartoum
C.  Man O' War
D.  Anubis

7. Who sold out Sonny to the Barzini family which led to his brutal assassination at the toll both?
A. Paulie
B. Tessio
C. Carlo
D. Fabrizio 
"Look how they massacred my boy." - Sonny Corleone is Assassinated on the Jones Beach Causeway 
8. Who makes the cake for Connie's wedding, which takes place at the start of The Godfather? 
A. Nazorine
B. Enzo
C. Clemenza
D. Buonasera

9. Finish Clemenza's legendary line:
"Leave the gun. Take ________   ___________.

A. your time

B. the cannoli

C. the body

D. the bullets
Clemenza and Rocco Make Paulie Disappear

10. Name the restaurant in the Bronx that Sollozzo takes Michael to for their sit-down to negotiate peace after his failed attempt on Don Corleone's life. 

A.  Louis Restaurant

B.  Jack Dempsey's

C.  Umberto's

D.  Genco's


1.  B.  Buonasera the Undertaker
Buonasera the Undertaker from The Godfather

2.  C.  Frank Sinatra    

3.  A.  Mario Puzo
Sollozzo from The Godfather

4.  B.  Superman

5.  D.  “I believe in America.”

6.  B.  Khartoum
An Offer He Can't Refuse - Woltz from The Godfather
7.  C.  Carlo

8.  A.  Nazorine
Nazorine the Baker from The Godfather
9.  B.  the cannoli

10. A.  Louis Restaurant
Michael Corleone Takes Revenge on Sollozzo and McKluskey

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