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Godfather Trivia: Round II

Ready for Round II? makes you an offer you can't refuse and brings you our second installment of trivia on The Godfather. Buona fortuna!
"You have to answer for Santino, Carlo"

1.  At Connie and Carlo’s wedding, photographers take a photo of one of the guests and immediately afterward, that guest signals to his men, who swoop in and grab the camera. That guest then opens the camera and rips out the film and throws it on the floor. Who was that guest?

A. Barzini

B. Tattaglia

C. Vito Corleone

D. Sonny Corleone

2.  What was Sollozzo’s nickname?

A. Virgil

B. The Turk

C. The Black Hand

D. The Prince of Powder

3.  Johnny Fontaine goes to his godfather Don Corleone for help in convincing Hollywood studio chief Jack Woltz to give him a role in his upcoming war film. Although the name of the fictional film is never mentioned in The Godfather, the character of Johnny Fontaine is said to be based on a real life singer/actor whose career was revived by appearing in what actual film?

A. The Bridge on the River Kwai

B. The Caine Mutiny

C. Tora, Tora, Tora

D. From Here to Eternity
"and in a month from now, this Hollywood big shot is gonna give you what you want."  Don Corleone to his Godson Johnny Fontaine

4.  Don Corleone sends Luca Brasi to meet with which rival family hoping to deceive them into believing he is unhappy with the Corleone family and willing to betray them?

A. Barzini

B. Tattaglia

C. Cuneo

D. Tommasino
Luca Brasi Before He Slept With the Fishes

5.  Where does Michael hide after assassinating Sollozzo and McCluskey?

A. Palermo

B. Taormina

C. Rome

D. Corleone

6.  What is the name of the girl Michael marries while he is in hiding?

A. Kay

B. Talia

C. Apollonia

D. Francesca
"Michael, the women in Sicily are more dangerous than shotguns" Calo to Michael in The Godfather

7.  Which of the following was not involved in the protection of Michael while he was in hiding?

A. Calo

B. Don Tomassino

C. Fabrizio

D. Don Altobello

8.  Who betrays Michael while he is in hiding?

A. Calo

B. Don Tomassino

C. Fabrizio

D. Signore Vitelli

9.  How is Apollonia killed?

A. She is shot

B. She is in Michael’s car which explodes when started

C. She is poisoned

D. She is strangled
No! No! Apollonia!

10 . On the day of which occasion does Michael settle all family business?

A. The wedding of his daughter

B. The Communion of his son

C. The Baptism of Connie and Carlo’s son

D. The funeral of his father
Don Vito Corleone


1.    A. Barzini

2.    B. The Turk
"I think you and I can do business." Sollozzo to Luca Brasi in The Godfather

3.    D. From Here to Eternity

4.    B. Tattaglia

5.    D. Corleone
Michael Corleone in Hiding After the Assassination of Sollozzo and McCluskey

6.    C. Apollonia

7.    D. Don Altobello

8.    C. Fabrizio
Fabrizio Realizes His Plan Has Gone Wrong and Runs

9.    B. She is in Michael’s car which explodes when started

10.  C. The Baptism of Connie and Carlo’s son
Today He Settles All Family Business

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