Saturday, April 19, 2014

Frozen "Easter Egg" - Rapunzel and Flynn Attend the Coronation

In celebration of Easter, brings you a "Frozen Easter egg" to open with your family. For those who don't know, movie "Easter eggs" are little hidden clues in movies purposely implanted by the filmmakers for viewers to find. They may be nods or homages to other films or just fun things hidden there for the audience to discover. Here we present one that we recently were informed about in Frozen.

If you are among the millions who have seen Disney's blockbuster Frozen, then you know that there is a coronation scene in which Elsa is officially handed the rule of the kingdom of Arendelle. You probably also know that when the castle gates opened for the first time in years, the subjects come filing in to celebrate the happy day. But did you know that amongst the subjects attending the ceremony are another Disney Princess and her man? Check out the stills below from the Frozen coronation sequence and you will see Rapunzel (as she appears at the end of her film, sans her long flowing golden locks and with the short brown 'do) and her main man, Flynn Ryder.  

Rapunzel and Flynn appear approximately 16:20 in to the film, with Rapunzel visible first before she turns her head as Flynn enters the frame. A cute "Easter egg" left by the Disney animators for us to find.

Do you know of other Easter eggs" in Disney films? Send us a comment and we can share them with others.

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  1. Joey, That is so cool!!! Can't wait to watch that scene over now. Great find! Thanks.

    1. Diane,

      Thanks for posting the comment. Many movies today (especially animated films) have these hidden "Easter eggs" for viewers to find. We hope to have more of these types of posts in the future. Keep checking back for more Disney posts and tell your friends who like Disney to check out the site. Thanks!