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Walt Disney World Trivia: Round IV brings you Round IV of the Walt Disney World Trivia Challenge. Good luck!

1. What actress and former girlfriend of Martin Scorsese
    plays Aerosmith’s band manager in the pre-show for
    Rock 'n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith at Disney
    Hollywood Studios?

A. Illeana Douglas

B. Jessica Lange

C. Amy Adams

D. Jodi Benson

2. Prior to the Fantasyland expansion, Mickey’s Toontown Fair in the Magic Kingdom featured a location where Mickey Mouse character greetings took place continuously for nearly the entire time the park was open. Where did these character greetings take place?

A. The Character Spot

B. Mickey’s House

C. The Judge’s Tent

D. Mickey’s Photo Spot

3. What mythical creature makes his home in the Himalayan
     peaks of Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest?

A. The Loch Ness Monster

B. The Yeti

C. The Banshee

D. The Kraken 


4. Which of the following is not one of the “best kept Disney secrets” that you can do at Disney World?

A. Surfing Lessons

B. Parasailing

C. Scuba Diving

D. Ziplining

5. What was the park icon for Disney Hollywood Studios before the giant sorcerer’s hat at the far end of Hollywood Boulevard was built?

A. The Earful Tower

B. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

C. The Great Movie Ride

D. The Crossroads of the World Mickey Globe


6. Name the main character whose journey guests follow on Splash Mountain?

A. Mowgli

B. Brer Rabbit

C. Brer Fox

D. Mickey Mouse

7. Which of the following is NOT a country featured in Epcot’s World Showcase?

A. Mexico

B. Canada

C. Switzerland

D. Norway

8. What is Catastrophe Canyon?

A. The Death Star Trench that guests must navigate in

     Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

B. The line for lunch at noon in Cosmic Ray’s Starlight CafĂ© in

     Magic Kingdom

C. The section of the Studio Backlot Tour in Disney

     Hollywood Studios where a gas tanker ignites in flames
     and falls toward the tour vehicle

D. The last drop of Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom

9. In what year did Walt Disney World open?

A. 1955

B. 1971

C. 1972

D. 1951

10. Which castle is the park icon of Walt Disney World?

A. Sleeping Beauty Castle

B. Cinderella Castle

C. Beast’s Castle

D. Ariel’s Castle


1.   A. Illeana Douglas


2.   C. The Judge’s Tent

3.   B. The Yeti

4.   D. Ziplining

5.   A. The Earful Tower

6.   B. Brer Rabbit

7.   C. Switzerland

8.   C. The section of the Studio Backlot Tour in Hollywood 
         Studios where a gas tanker ignites in flames and
         slides toward the tour vehicle

9.   B. 1971

10. B. Cinderella Castle

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