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Walt Disney World Trivia: Round III brings you Round III of Walt Disney World trivia, this time with a multiple choice format.

Answers can be found after the jump break following Question 10. Good luck!


1.  Which of the following scenes is not featured in The Great
     Movie Ride? (Hint: This question does not refer to the
     clips in the movie montages.)

A.  Alien

B.  Raiders of the Lost Ark

C.  The Wizard of Oz

D.  Back to the Future

2.  Name the two cranky senior Muppets who sit in the
      balcony during Muppet Vision 3D.

A.  Waldo and Mickey

B.  Waldorf and Statler

C.  Wilson and Simpson

D.  Bert and Ernie

3.  Which of these is one of the images projected on the 

      waterfall in Pirates of the Caribbean just above the small     
      drop in  the track on which your boat travels?

A.  Jack Sparrow

B.  Davey Jones

C.  Captain Hector Barbossa

D.  Walt Disney

4.  What do riders of the Magic Carpets of Aladdin have to
      be wary of during their journey on the enchanted carpet?

A.  The water-spitting camels that surround the attraction

B.  The unseen drop that occurs just after the carpet car
      reaches the pinnacle of the track’s height
C.  The animatronic Jafar that appears one minute into the 

D.  The line that forms in the afternoon under the hot Florida

5.  What Disney film inspired the Splash Mountain

A.  Mary Poppins

B.  The Aristocats

C.  The Jungle Book

D.  Song of the South

6. What is the name of the fireworks/pyrotechnics/laser 
     show held nightly at Epcot?

A.  Wishes

B.  Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

C.  Fantasy in the Sky

D.  Fantasmic 

7.  Walt Disney was alive to see the opening of Walt Disney

A.  True

B.  False

8.  Name the annual celebration of international cuisine that
      takes place every fall in Epcot.

A.  Epcot Food and Fun Celebration

B.  Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

C.  Epcot Fill Your Face Around the World Festival

D.  Epcot International Culinary Celebration

9. Who was the character paired up with Figment as host of
     the original Journey Into Imagination attraction?

A.  Dreamcatcher

B.  The Wizard of Imagination

C.  Dreamfinder

D.  Mr. Magorium 

10. Which of the following has never voiced the narration for Spaceship Earth?

A.  Dame Judi Dench

B.  Walter Cronkite  

C.  Orson Welles

D.  Jeremy Irons


1.   D.  Back to the Future

2.   B.  Waldorf and Statler

3.   B.  Davey Jones

4.   A.  The water-spitting camels that surround the attraction

5.   D.  Song of the South

6.   B.  Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

7.   B.  False

8.   B.  Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

9.   C.  Dreamfinder

10.  C.  Orson Welles 

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